Receive worldwide payments in CEMAC

Wherever you are, safely and securely collect all types of payments; recurring, one-off and variable payments from customers worldwide.

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All-In-One payment stack
for your business

Payment Links

Create a dynamic payment experience for your customer and accept payments quickly, easily and securely.


Turn your mobile device into a card machine and accept payments anytime, anywhere, and on the go.


Set up your online store with no coding or design skills and sell your products or services to your customers wherever they are.

Virtual Accounts

Create a virtual business account to accept payments


Get access to a dedicated USSD code for your business.


Explore an array of value-added services to suit your business needs.

Your gateway to CEMAC and beyond

Accept local payments in
5 CEMAC markets
Reach out to
a million consumers
Manage your payments with
0% risk of chargebacks
Instantly integrate with
100+ payment methods

About us

This is vsorpay

At vsorpay, we believe the ease of financial transaction is a basic need and that more value can be offered to customers. We're obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We focus on facilitating mobile payment. It's one of the least understood and least transparent aspects of the financial transaction process, and we see that as an opportunity. We're excited to facilitate mobile payment for everyone through our platform.

Ideal solution for your customers

Setting up payment details only takes two minutes for customers to complete online.
Your customers’ payments are fully protected if a payment is ever taken in error.
Customers will always be notified by email when a subscription is starting or one-off payment is being taken.
No more customers logging into online banking, updating expired card details or forgetting to pay.

Start accepting payments in less than 15 mins.

Create an account
Sign up for an account with your name, email, phone number and business details.
Verify your account
Verify your email and update your personal details to enable you start receiving payments immediately.
Accept payments
Start accepting payments via any of our products in minutes.
Withdrawal funds
Easily withdraw your funds into any wallet within minutes.
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Get to know the creators

Akaya Celestine
Founder & CEO
Fua Tse
Co Founder & COO
Mbiarrambang Alain
Co Founder & CTO
Amin Jefferson
Co Founder & Design Lead